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Abdulla Ali Al Sharhan Trading Est. started as a small trading est. 1n 1970, With the precession planning and in futuristic vision of Mr. Abdulla Ali Al Sharhan, the owner, we reached new heights by 1975. We achieved the rare distinction of quality dealer in the short span, never compromising quality. 

Even the very beginning itself, we started importing quality products from Europe, USA and from far east countries like Japan, China and India. Macpherson paints of UK appointed us as their regional agent in 1972. This was the beginning of a series of agency ships basically from Europe and USA. We hold the distinction of agents and distributors of quality European and American products. Year 1980, we sign the agency agreement with La product UK to market and promote their products across Middle East. Once Palace Chemicals took over Langlow products we got access to brands like House Plan and Beeline. All these brands well accepted and well respected by the clients across Middle East, Africa and CIS countries. The brands we hold are the clean manifestation of our market image. 

The introduction of AkzoNobel Decorative Coatings – Belgium, the brands like Levis, Sikkens, Ultra Lesur Classic, Trimetal and Synteko from Sweden reinforced our quality brand dealer image. Painters’ tools and applicators from Cervus Italy, Hyde tools USA and Kistenmacher Germany further enhanced our quest for quality brand acquisition. Precisely, quality conscious buyers across Middle East, Africa and CIS countries are our main source of inspiration. We solicit the same support, encouragement and advice from you, the valued clients.

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