A traditional fast acting Methylene Chloride based paint stripper which rapidly breaks down and blisters multiple layers of paint in a single application. It is uniquely effective in removing specialised industrial paints such as two-pack epoxy coatings, cellulose laquers, traffic paints and powder coatings which are not as easy to remove using less volatile water-based paint stripping products. This product is intended for sale to non-EU Export customers only and is recommended for use by suitably trained and equipped professional and industrial coatings removal specialists within an environment which controls and extracts the build up of fume and vapour. Conforms to: BS 3716

  • Contains Methylene Chloride
  • For use only in fully ventilated zones
  • Rapid blistering & penetration of coatings
  • Effective on industrial & two-pack coatings
  • Will remove automotive paints