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Modostuc acrylic wood filler 250gm handy tube

MODOSTUC® All Purpose Wood and Wall Filler is a high quality water-based wood filler formulated to create a smooth surface and body on wood and walls. It can be used to repair cracks, gouges, holes and other surface defects on furniture, woodwork, molding, cabinets, paneling, plywood, windows, doors and painted surfaces. This easy-to-use filler is low in odor and cleans up with water. The thick, knife-grade formula can be molded and easily applied making it ideal for small gaps and repairs. It offers easy handling by spreading smoothly and evenly. When dry, MODOSTUC® All Purpose Wood Filler can be sanded, cut, planed, drilled, nailed or screwed, stained and painted. It is shrink, crack and crumble resistant and provides strong nail and screw anchoring. It can be appliced on interior surfaces or on nonexposed to environmental agents exterior surfaces. COLORS - White, Natural, Teak, Mahogany, Dark Walnut, Faggio Beech Ebony, Pine Etc

Modostuc acrylic wood filler 250gm handy tube

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